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After a series of terrifying - but liberating - paranormal experiences in 2014, Jeans' art practice became entwined with mysticism and esoteric philosophy.


Ultimately, Jeans is fascinated with what lies beyond the 'veil of perception', using her work to examine cultural beliefs about spirituality and engage with these beliefs herself. Not limiting this study to one particular form of mysticism, Jeans' practice flirts with paganism, witchcraft, chaos magick, existentialism and many differing strands of Occultism. Her work is used to spark discussion rather than portrayed as a didactic tool.

Jeans' work is fluid and regarded through her own eyes as a conversation she is having with the universe, a conversation which anyone is invited to join. 

As well as sustaining a private practice and exhibiting frequently, Jeans takes commissions, working closely with clients to attain the most satisfying processes and products. These commissions are taken on a case by case basis, ensuring the utmost originality and client satisfaction.

Work by Jeans has been shown in London, Newcastle, Melbourne, Montpelier, Milan and Orlando.



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